Music of the world


Do you like experiments?
Then welcome to 2001!

Cj_BEEP presents one of his firsts albums – "Music of the world".
The album is based on a radio show, "Music of the World",
which is headed by Dmitry Ukhov
(some part of the show the inserted between tracks)


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New release: Hellbound Express


It’s Hot!
It’s the next album ‘Hellbound Express’ from Cj_BEEP recently released on Vibrant Energy label.

Hellbound Express:

He didn’t work for months, he is hooligan and drunkard…:


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Swing Ghetto


Beep Beep!
Listen to the new mix in the style of "Ghetto Funk"


Swing Ghetto Funk by Cj Beep on Mixcloud


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Free Release: Terminade at



You can listen and download new Ghetto Funk music “Terminade at”  in Music!

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New release: I left My Wallet in El Segundo


Hi all!
Hot News – Cj_BEEP has released new music:"I left My Wallet in El Segundo".
This is two tracks in break beat style.I hope you like experiments
Listen to and buy these wonderful songs you can in Shop!

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Dzhigurda party


Halloween has passed and only now I am able to make mastering of my mix that I played that evening.
Russian Halloween is different from American, that in exchange witch it comes to Russian sex symbol – Nikita Dzhigurda (see photo).

Nikita Dzhigurda is a unique space alien, which, instead of candy gives his songs.
I think you’re nice to spend time listening to my mix.



Cj_BEEP – Future funk from moscow (Live Show) by Cj Beep on Mixcloud


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