New Release: This is digital era


Free release with strange style music
digital era

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Dub Step Release: 7 years of fighting kung fu


Hi, my label Vibrant Energy Recordings released new experimental dub step music.
This album is unusual for dubstep music, because I connected tribal sound of bamboo, words from Kung Fu movies and aesthetics of ninja!
Catch it !

TrackList from Release:
Fight Kung Fu
7 Years of Bad Luck
Empty Your Mind
Stop Call Me Master
Fight Kung Fu (Garage Version)




Google Store

Link on SoundCloud for the best quality

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New Free Release: Apocalypse diesel


Free release on vibrant energy recordings

Stop waiting something!

Take the control of what happening!
Let’s ride the trains of the Apocalypse!

Apocalypse diesel

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New Release: Gorilla Pimpin (feat. Warren G)


Bootleg remix on Warren G with Tuvan throat singing
Gorilla Pimpin


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New Release: I can see what you see not


Today, I am pleased to give you my experiment!
This is synth pop at the words which I picked out from the old game Diablo.
It was very interesting and unusual, listen to whispering a song from halls of the blind …

I can see what you see not

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New Release: Robot Monster


Hi everyone!
This is very interesting release in dubstep style on a Vibrant Energy Recordings.
This release is free for download , so you can free download this music.

“When the Robot Monster came to call, no-one was saved…”

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Jungle Warz


This is my answer for “Jungle warz challenge“.

I got challenge from D.K. Ritual

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