Free Release: LSD-25


LSD-25 – this is an unusual album.

Firstly, because it had written in a style unfamiliar to me, using audio tools I have not used before and secondly because every track has a story.

1. LSD-25:

Pumping House – often referred to as the “dead style of music”, it rises from the grave like a zombie to answer the question: “how can the mind be used more intensively“.

In this story researcher Girin and Professor Ivan Radionovich talk about how to strengthen the reasoning power of the mind and conclude: They will inject LSD-25 to their subject, Innocentiy Yefimovitch, to separate his conscious and subconscious mind.

I wrote this track at the request of my friend – Groove Daddy.

2. Techno-priest

Much as every priest claims to have the truth, the techno priest preaches this truth: “the essence is not the music, not the words but the essential thing — this is rhythm.”

The priest goes on to say that from his experience the essence of techno and cocaine is the same – the beat.
We just have to believe him, because he is sent by God…

I wrote this music for an FM-synthesis competition…

A contest I didn’t win, but I think it’s a good track worth another listen.

3. Researcher Girin and his scientific work

Is a continuation of the story about Researcher Girin and his ongoing scientific research.
In this track he details what happened to Innocentiy Yefimovitch after injecting LSD-25.

At the end of the Innocentiy says “just give me the drug, I do not have time to listen…

This is a little experiment of my own, I wrote this track using only “rebirth” – a music-program developed in 1997.

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