Radio show: one dj two decs


This is my Friday VibrantEnergy  show on, mix called «one dj two decs»

It’s not just mix it — a puzzle.

There is a huge of old school loops, you must guess the name of the all tracks.

Enjoy the music!


Cj BEEP — Two decks one DJ by Dirtybassfm on Mixcloud

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Free Release: Party Hard


Ok people, USSR is back! We (Midget Ninjas) strike back with Soviet Bass II, free album that fuses sounds from the glorious Soviet supapowa era with various kinds of contemporary electronic music.

I (Cj_BEEP) very glad to present our last album

In our struggle against the world dominance of the commercial music the secret clan of Midget Ninjas unleashes the weapon of last resort. The red button has been pushed, the gates are now opened and the Soviet Bass weapon has been launched.

Mechanized babushkas, Lenin’s clones, bass canons and drum blasters are covering the invasion of the Leninism Virus. It is infiltrating in every sound system, in every club and radio station.

The revolution which began in the underground is now spreading to the streets and dancefloors. The Soviet Bass army is going from country to country launching shyorikenz inna di air.
Shhhhhh! Do you hear that? Who’s knocking at your door?! It is Lenin and his party. And they’re gonna party hard!!!

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Radio Show: Out Control


Cj_BEEP step up with a multi-genre infused mix of Dubstep, Drum & Bass , Hardcore and Hip Hop!
Download HERE
My live performance at the!

Cj BEEP — Out Control by Cj Beep on Mixcloud

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Radio Show: Drum And Bass


Hi everybody!
Today (22/03/2013) I will play live show on a DIRTYBASS.FM at 21:20 (GMT).
It will be very hard Invite you to listen to me $-)

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Free Release: Jah is coming


I am glad to present the new work of «Jah is comming»,
it is free in listening, also as well as love of Jah.


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Radio Show: Future Junglist #1


My live performance at the!
I really like the style of Future Jungle, and this style I was playing on the radio

You may DOWNLOAD mix


Future Junglust #1 by Cj Beep on Mixcloud


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Free Release:Long way of gifts


I wrote this music for my beloved.
The matter is that earlier we lived very much far apart and exchanged gifts by mail.
Gifts went by mail long, overcoming various difficulties.

"Long way of gifts" — music about this story of my life

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