New Release: Jungle Breeze


This is my jungle release on «In Da Jungle Records»
Lately, I love listening to this style,
it is no surprise that I have written and released jungle music.

I hope it is only first step in long «jungle road»

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New Release: Patriot orgasms


Hi everyone!

I love to write and listen to different music, so not to confuse the audience, I decided to make a new hardstyle project: «Bobrovich» .

Under this alias I (Cj BEEP) will write music that is different from my main styles: jungle, breaks, future jungle, soviet bass etc…

«PATRIOT ORGASMS» — it is my first Hardstyle track, I wrote it special for my friend who very love Hardstyle and listen only root sound =).

I hope he and all people all over in the world will be glad listen this music, because I wrote this music with love to Hardsyle,

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New release: The Herbman


«Future Jungle» — it is a really good style!

I feel pleasure when I write in this style.

This is my oficial remix «The Herbman» for Monkey Dub Recordings:

It is a good release, from good label.
Full release «Turtilian and Nitrous Feat. Shabuungo — The Herbman» you can listen here:

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Free Release: Baile Folk Girls


I’m happy to present you “Baile Folk Girls”!
It is my new remix for Chuck Upbeat (Midget Ninjas Soundsystem): Baile Folk Girls

remix for this track did not just me but a lot of other music producers.
All remixes you can listen here:

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Radio show: 300 good tracks


40 tracks in a 40 minutes mix,

I command you to unleash the beast and dance!

it is a compilation of dance music which I have called «300 good tracks»

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Cj_BEEP — 300 good tracks by Cj Beep on Mixcloud

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Free Release: El Odessito Rojo


I am very pleased to present my new «Soviet Bass» track for the Midget Ninjas project

This is an anthem of a communist horse rydah.

A dedicated disciple of Vladimir Lenin is cruisin in the Odessa city hood.

Chillin in the sun thinking about the bright future.

Horse power!

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Good news


The Guardian published an article about album Party Hard  and me and my friends from Midget Ninjas Soundsystem!

if you not know what is this — SOVIET BASS — you must read this article


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