New Release: In The Shadows


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New Release: All We Do In Darkness


Dark aesthetic music about night life of some of districts.
Be careful!

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VibrantEnery show:


Halfstep + Drum and Bass Mix

This is my from VibrantEnery Show on the


1 Intro
2 Thing — Roots Rhodes (Original Mix)
3 Villem — Intention Dub
4 Black Note — Herbalists Warn (VibrantEnery recordings)
5 Vortex — Defcon-5
6 Homemade Weapons — After Dark (feat. Collinjah)
7 Bredren — Rotate (feat. MC Fokus)
8 Groves — Tengmo Rah
9 Andy c — night flight (shimon remix)
10 Ulterior motive — hey judas feat. drs
11 Andreilien — Saturated
12 MC Fokus — Chrysalis
13 Thing — Inhale (Original Mix)
14 Rockwell — Inventor
15 Invadhertz — Killa Sound
16 QZB & Phentix — Gang Signs
17 Греча-горяча
18 Пламенная проповедь иеромонаха Василия Новикова (mush UP)
19 Sinic — One Makes One
20 Rockwell — 09 Track
21 Шао Бао! — Купила мама коныка-Шао
22 Arkaik — Timelapse
23 Cj BEEP — Who wants to wake up (VibrantEnery recordings)
24 Shamanga — Fierce (DJ Madd Remix)
25 M-zine, Scepticz & MTWN — Otomy (Mos Beef Edit)
26 Thing — Shine (Original Mix)
27 «Неупиваемая Чаша» на заводе АТИ
28 Black Note — Solar Eclipse feat. Valeriy Leontiev (VibrantEnery recordings)
29 Flowdan — Bob Marley
30 Ago — That’s What I Was Talking About Back In ’96
31 Wulf — Community Dub
32 Flowdan — Horror Show Style
33 East Man — Mission
34 The Dubsync — Nuf A Dem Feat. K.G.Man (Lapo Numa Crew Remix)

You can download mix on SoundCloud :

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New Release: Enjoy your tea


this is dub version from original video by Protopod, when he did a iced tea.
So it is my vesion, I hope you will enjoy your iced teaaaa

enloy your tea

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New Release: This is digital era


Free release with strange style music
digital era

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Dub Step Release: 7 years of fighting kung fu


Hi, my label Vibrant Energy Recordings released new experimental dub step music.
This album is unusual for dubstep music, because I connected tribal sound of bamboo, words from Kung Fu movies and aesthetics of ninja!
Catch it !

TrackList from Release:
Fight Kung Fu
7 Years of Bad Luck
Empty Your Mind
Stop Call Me Master
Fight Kung Fu (Garage Version)




Google Store

Link on SoundCloud for the best quality

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New Free Release: Apocalypse diesel


Free release on vibrant energy recordings

Stop waiting something!

Take the control of what happening!
Let’s ride the trains of the Apocalypse!

Apocalypse diesel

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